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Fun Things to Do in Poughkeepsie, NY

Our Poughkeepsie Galleria location offers seven exciting escape rooms and is the best escape room challenge in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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All escape rooms are now private! Don’t worry
about playing with strangers, it’s just you
and your team.

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Difficulty Level


Variety of escape difficulties available to accommodate groups of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. 

Group Sizes


We can accommodate groups of up to 110 in our Albany location. 

Age Limit


Perfect for all ages. 

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Watch employees learn teamwork and communication!


Birthday cake tastes even better after you’ve survived the last-minute escape!


Yes, escape rooms are fun for the entire family!


Complete the mission and the groom gets the girl!


Complete the mission and the bride gets her guy!


Something unique for motivated employees!


Students exercise critical thinking & teamwork!


Gift an entertaining experience!


An original and fun way to announce your baby’s gender!


A distinctive and creative way to propose marriage!


  • Mystery Room can accommodate up to 110 people at a time in our Poughkeepsie location. Our convenient location makes a great event space!
  • Please contact us with the form below to reach our event coordinator to schedule your large event!
  • When you rent the entire facility, you can cater food & drinks for your event.
  • After completing the escape experience, you and your team can enjoy food from nearby restaurants.


  • Pick from one of our many different themed Escape Games, investigate for clues and puzzles, and wake the brains up by applying logic so that you and the team can complete the mission!
  • Every group accompanied by an Escape Room facilitator.
  • Tailored planning for each type of event.
  • Mystery Room is available for large and small groups.
  • A variety of escape themes and difficulties are available.
  • Private Escape Rooms are available for your event!
  • Find clues, solve puzzles, and escape!


Contact our event coordinator.

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Let us work with you to plan and customize this memorable event.  We can help you create an unforgettable experience by modifying some of the clues in one of our escape rooms with key dates, locations, events from your history together which ends with the ring in the final clue box of the game.  How amazing would that be?


Instead of simply sharing the news of your baby’s sex, why not host a one of a kind get together to find out the baby’s gender for your loved ones?  Hosting this in our escape rooms will have a combination of mystery and fun.  We can place the reveal in the final clue box in the form of helium balloons!!!!  Just one of the unique ways we can make this an exciting event.


Why host a boring, run-of-the-mill living room party with cake and punch when you can give your party-goers an experience designed to be remembered. Together, for 1 hour, you’ll all become elite spy agents on a life-or-death mission to save the world (or at least the party). Accept a mission, work together as a team to find the clues and solve the puzzles. And once you have the assets, Escape and complete your mission!


Your goal as an educator is primarily to get your students to think. Having cake, punch, pop-music and a smoke machine is not the way to make that happen. Instead, do something stimulating. For an hour, your students get to become the super-spies they see in the movie theaters. They practice teamwork and critical thinking when they try to escape, search for clues, and collaborate on puzzle solutions.


Corporate/Holiday Parties are notoriously boring or fractious. You don’t want your employees falling back into their familiar cliques and exacerbating the communication issues you already face on a daily basis. So why not do something out of the ordinary? Rock your employees out of their everyday routines and allow them to become secret agents for an hour.


Ideally, you and your gal-pals only get 1 of these parties each, so make sure they’re memorable. Accept the mission, discover the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape so that the bride-to-be can get her groom!


You only get 1 of these, so make it memorable. Grab your friends and become super-spies. Collect the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room in 50 minutes or less. And once you’ve all completed your mission, help your friend complete the greatest and grandest mission of all, getting married!


Finding something the whole family enjoys can be a drag. The adults want to do one thing, kids want to do another, and it takes half the family vacation to agree on an activity. Good news for you, MYSTERY ROOM is great for family vacations! Our Escape Games are fun for every family member – no matter how old or young. Each escape room is hands-on, interactive, and has engaging qualities that give you and your family the epic adventure that a family vacation should have.


Your birthday is coming up, and you might be wondering what to do for one of the most important occasions of the year. Of course, there are house parties, restaurants, and bars, but if you want a really exciting experience where every single one of your guests, including yourself, is guaranteed to have fun, MYSTERY ROOM is the perfect birthday choice!


Getting your team to work together can sometimes be a challenge. MYSTERY ROOM provides the perfect solution! Your team will need to work together and communicate in order to find the clues, solve the puzzles and complete the mission! Critical thinking, communication and teamwork are all traits you’ll want your employees to use in their everyday work, so why not provide them with an experience that will facilitate the development of those skills?


We had our business' team-building event here and the experience was amazing! They opened up a few hours early to accommodate our group size (about 40 people) and the time of day we needed. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We couldn't have been happier with the entire experience. The rooms were challenging and excellent for our team-building seminar. I would recommend them for any team-building event for your business.

– Desiree Denker

Came for a Team Building event with coworkers and had an amazing time! Well organized and easy to book. Customer Service was 5 star from start to finish. They even helped us set up and take down our decor for our office party and made sure we had everything we needed. We didn't feel rushed and my team had a great time! Will definitely come back again!

– Deepa Patel

This place was just fantastic! I proposed to my girlfriend here and the staff was Oh so accommodating! Very pleasant staff and very easy to book. Give that girl Nicole and the rest of the staff a raise! Thank you!

– Brenton Macklin

This place was fantastic! I took my friend for her birthday surprise and it was a blast. We didn't quite make it (we're amateurs and we did level 2 Sherlock's Library one) but we did pretty well and had a ton of fun! The manager Chris was also super nice and very helpful. Would absolutely recommend tot anyone looking to do an escape room!

– Elizabeth B

My son had his eighth birthday party here and Omar was great! The Treasure Island Adventure is perfect for kids that age. The large clean party room right there was also perfect afterwards.

– Laura Engstler

The entire family had a lot of fun. Kids chose the Sherlock Holmes room and it was actually a little challenging, we were all pleasantly surprised. Stephon at the front desk was awesome. Was exceptionally courteous and professional and had a lot of patience with all the families there, especially with the kids. He handled everything from check-in to going over each room's rules and resetting of the escape rooms. Asia, the manager was very accommodating also and answered any questions that we had. Overall it was a great experience and we will definitely go again. Thanks!!

– Dee Tee

We came here for my friend's bachelorette party. The owner/manager was so nice! The room was really challenging, but so much fun. Definitely recommend!

– Sarah Tarbox